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Please welcome Pastor David Grainson and his family!

Pastor David Grainson was born and raised in Baltimore. His father was a city firefighter and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. He has one younger brother, Paul, who still lives with his family in Baltimore. After graduating high school, Pastor David attended Towson University where he got his degree in psychology with a minor in world literature.  

During his college years, Pastor David felt a deep pull and call to a life of service as an ordained minister. Having been raised Roman Catholic, he entered the seminary to study to be a priest the September after he graduated college.  

During his time in the seminary, he was privileged to serve in very diverse forms of ministry. Some of these included a congregation in the South Bronx, the Caribbean, work with developmentally disabled adults, and a hospital chaplaincy in New York City.

After he was ordained in 1998, he served among the people of the Caribbean for three years. At that time, he discerned that, as much as he was suited for ministry, he felt a profound and persistent call to marriage and family. 

After a great deal of discernment, he left the priesthood. He moved to New York and began working in the field of social service. He would eventually go on to get his master's degree and a New York State license in Social Work. He worked for 13 years with youth and their families struggling with mental health diagnoses. 

He met his wife Sarajean in New York, and the two were married in 2001. They welcomed their first son Luke in 2006 and twins Matthew and David in 2009.

Still feeling the call to ministry in the church, Pastor David pursued being rostered as a leader in the ELCA. In May of 2014, he began his first call at Holy Trinity Lutheran church on Long Island. 

We are delighted to welcome Pastor David to serve as pastor of St. Michael Lutheran starting June 1st.  He and his family will be fantastic additions to our church family as we strive to further our Mission, following Christ’s example to …

“Welcome all, strengthen each other, and serve our community.”

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